I missed the Summer Of Love – this was the decade that started with my working for Piccadilly Radio, singing in bands, appearing live at the Manchester International, singing and songwriting in studios, recording, doing showcases in front of record label a&r’s in London, seeing Prince live and ended two years into living my best life during my London tenure.

I love voices & well crafted songs. I met my husband in a recording studio – we wrote music together for 5 5 years. I stopped singing when I got divorced and moved to London. My ex refused to buy music but I was a secret and master crate digger & snuck it in the house anyway. In this way I built the collection that enabled me to dj at Flesh at The Hacienda. The rest is history.


My love of soaring, spiritual voices, crisp production and great song writing is beautifully illustrated here in HOMEBIRD 1986 – 1996 with a playlist including The Pet Shop Boys, Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Art of Noise, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Prince, Malcolm McLaren, Nirvana, SNAP, Mariah Carey, Paul Simon, Massive Attack, D*Note, Galliano, Jamiroquai, Sounds of Blackness.

HOMEBIRD opens at The Lowry on September 22nd and runs through until October 14th. It is free to enter – donations welcomed. Parental advisory required.

Turn up the volume and make a joyful noise unto the Creator.