I am celebrating and feeling completely in my power today by posting this fantastic short video from the i Paper.

Filmed during the gloriously sunny, 30th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the article states: “The men at the forefront of 90s rave are well known. But history has poorly documented how women were there, too. Whether they were DJs, door-pickers, promoters, producers or ravers, i investigates how women shaped a decade of rave revolution.” Intrigued?

Give it a watch or read the whole article here: https://inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/acid-house-second-summer-of-love-the-women-who-influenced-90s-rave-culture/

Huge thanks to Heather Saul, Sarah Howell and the i-Paper for the words and for creating, sticking with and running this little masterpiece.

Oh and if you feel like a party tonight, catch me on the decks at the She:PWR event at The Deaf Institute in Manchester from 10pm till midnight. There’s karaoke afterwards courtesy of the amazing Marilyn Misandry. #DoNotMiss