Homoelectric returns to its spiritual home at Hidden in Manchester for bass buggin spiritual outer space voodoo dancing. Homoelectric is for Homos, Lesbos, Don’t knows and Disko Asbos. Music is life.

With DJS from ADONIS – Shay Malt and Grace Sands, DJ Paulette Mix-Stress & DJ Blackbetty of The RebeccaNeverBeckyCollective plus the impeccable resident Homoelectric DJS Jamie Bull, Gina Breeze, Will Dunn and Lukas.

We are also honoured to welcome the Mother of House of Ghetto (Manchester) Darren Pritchard, to host our very own VOGUE DANCE CLASS for the first hour of our party at 9.45pm – 11pm and then party on into the night with more dance performance from House of Ghetto, Hotline and Homobloc dancers.

It’s been a while. I’m so ready to get saucy on that top floor…