It is such a rare occasion when the planets align in such a way that a great party, its solid line up and a banging set in a banging room is captured live and on the listen back deemed available for diffusion later. February’s Homoelectric was all of that and a bag of chips and I am so excited to share this with you. Here is Part 1 of my set in the blue room as I took over from Lukas. The room was a sweat box already and it got sweatier believe! It seemed apt to open with Billy Kenny and Huxley’s ‘Sweat’ plus there’s a message in the track titles if you look hard enough. Rave hard to the sounds of Homoelectric at Hidden in Manchester (as it played on Saturday February 8th) from the comfort of your home / car / office / school / uni / halls and /or headphones. Massive thanks to Will Tramp for capturing it for posterity (and for letting me jump back on after finishing 15 minutes too early) and to Luke Unabomber, Amy, Gina, Jamie, Lukas, Rebecca, Shay and Grace for kick-starting the year in such a memorable way. Family. Proud to play my part.