Hello and welcome.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to collaborate with The Lowry design team (headed and co-ordinated and thrashed into shape by Laura Biddle and Michael Simpson). Through the excavation of my archives – words, pictures, clothes, vinyl, digital, music, memories then transforming them via creative re-interpretations we created this fully immersive #Homebird exhibition. The short run left me with a dilemma – not everyone found the time to see it and it was such an intricate production with the maze build, copyrights and licensing that I couldn’t afford to self-finance a tour. The website was the best way to preserve it and present it to a wider audience. I am deeply indebted to Stanley Chow Michael Anthony Barnes-Wynters Silvia Hoya Mena Cheryl O’Meara for their approval to present the work here and also for the opportunity to work alongside and create some unique and original pieces with them. I am massively indebted to Dave Kendrick (Castrocorp) for this website as whilst he has had to put up with my ‘and another thing’ 24/7 emails for the last few months, he has created this object of pure beauty for which I am truly thankful. There are so many people to mention – I hope I have included you all along the way – the full roll call of participants, contributors and collaborators can be found at the end in the Thanks and Credits section. Dip in and enjoy at your leisure. You’ll find that it surfs just as well on your phone as it does on your laptop. Feel free to #share and #like this post (and this site). Gracias.