I am always getting stopped in the street by people who were at the Black Coffee party at Mint Lounge in Manchester. I smashed the party that night and this is the closing set that did the damage (I played an equally well received, marvellous and eclectic opening set that sadly wasn’t recorded). I topped and tailed the headliners – Black Coffee – and Themba on May 6th 2018. The mix was a front page, featured ‘Mix Of The Month’ on the Evermix site (when they featured DJ mixes) and I was super proud of that. Fast forward to last Friday when I was dj’ing at HOME in Manchester. I was conscious of a group of people dancing behind me as I disco dj’ed in my favourite bear cage. Brave one steps forward, taps me on the back and says – ‘I hope you don’t think I’m being odd but me and my mates are sure you’re the woman who played that amazing set after Black Coffee this year’. He went on to get my socials links and asked where I was playing next because they would come and support. It’s beautiful when you are told that you did good when you are floating through your days unaware that those ripples still continue to fan out, moreso when you’re not even playing in that style. Another proud moment. Anyway here is the mix that worked the magic. Play it loud.