Things are heating up in my book corner… I am excited to present the cover to my upcoming book ‘WELCOME TO THE CLUB’.

Published by Manchester University Press – it features contributions from the sheroes, heroes, diamonds and stars whom I’ve had the honour and pleasure to have worked with, alongside and for. This club is for anyone who has an interest in how I’ve made a career out of doing what I love for the last thirty years and am continuing to do so. It is for anyone who is intrigued to read and whose mind is open to reading a view of the history of electronic dance music from this black woman’s perspective. It is for anyone who loves Manchester, loves music, loves people, loves clubbing, loves to travel, and loves a good rave. It is for anyone who has ever made a mix tape then wondered how to make a career out of doing the same or made a mistake or been blindsided at work and wondered if it is possible to recover from the aftershocks. It is for anyone who feels old enough to start young or young enough to smash it when they’re older. It is for those who can’t see anyone remotely like who they want to be, doing what they dream of doing but they’re going to take that leap and be that person anyway. It is for anyone who wants to create and to follow in these footsteps, who is unafraid of the light and the dark side of the business and can appreciate how both can inspire and bring about change. It is for anyone who feels that the lessons within are broad enough to apply to their own lives no matter what discipline they are in. This club has no gender, colour, sex or age bar. This book – and this club is for you. All are welcome.


It is available for pre-order now via my linktree here

Welcome to the club.