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I was rifling through my archive videos on Facebook and stumbled across this clip from the BURN FG DJ AWARDS 2007. As a relatively new resident in Paris (and very green to the media stars in France) – and very much in the fog of having recently lost my father, I have to admit that I did not register the level of stardom in that room at the time. Now my breath has been taken away – the awards were handed out by some serious french music, TV, radio and cinema heavyweights – China was the MC, whilst Clara Morgane, Christophe Dechavane, Ariel Dombasle, Christophe Willem, Sonia Roland handed out the gongs onstage.   The awards were won and accepted by none other than David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Didier Sinclair, DJ Cutkiller, Joachim Garraud. The awards were voted by the public and to say I didn’t realise what weight I was punching at then is a total understatement.

I thank Charlotte Lions for being the mastermind behind my crazy ride dj’ing in Paris and touring France from 2005 to 2013 and also dedicate this post and that award to my Dad – Walter George Finlayson (who died February 2007) and my best friends, colleagues and guardian angels who sadly joined him a few years later – Henry Maurel (PDG and Founder of FG DJ Radio) and Didier Sinclair .