Daniel Newman

“The first time I went to the Number One in 1991, the main queer club in Manchester, Prince’s “Get Off” was in the charts. I hadn’t been going out as much because I’d just got married and was always in the studio with my husband. When they played that track, something unleashed in me. I was up on the podium and went around the club doing a full Prince routine. It was like I just remembered who I was. The boss saw me and asked me to dance there three nights a week, which I did for few years. I was absolutely ripped back then.” • To call @dj_paulette1 a club culture legend is a great understatement. When Hacienda’s seminal gay night Flesh came about in ‘91, Paulette, a regular, who once pretended to be a journalist to get in for free, got offered a regular five hour dj set for a sweet fee of £30. Only problem is that she’d never touched decks before and had to listen out to pointers from the Sound Engineer, before she worked it out for herself. Her best Flesh memory? “There was sweat down the wall and the floor was a skating rink, covered with bodily fluids. People were swinging up the rafters. It was off the scale hedonism.” • Paulette moved to London in 1994 for her residency at Heaven and a job at Mercury Records, before taking her djing career to Paris and Ibiza. She returned to Manchester three years ago and now, when she’s not gracing the decks of the @rexclub, Glasgow’s Weirdo Warehouse and @Homoelectric, she’s working in radio and community outreach. She says the city’s alternative queer scene isn’t nostalgic, “but looks at the past to create the future. There was a rest period and now it’s come back to itself. What makes the scene special is that it’s not mega branded, or ageist and superficial - it’s for everyone.” • #BRWorldwideDance #BRFleshback #Paulette #Manchester #Hacienda

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Boiler Room post on Instagram today for #brworldwideDance – thanks to Daniel Newman, Peter J Walsh and Lauren Jo Kelly for the pictures and Anaïs Brémond (Boiler Room) for the words and the feature.

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