Ssshhh … Do you want to know a secret?

Whilst our Chris and Emma are stuck to the red carpet at the Attitude Awards, bringing you the best in s’leb interviews , comment and camaraderie, (ok drinking champagne and hobnobbing with the stars, the little tinkers) it’s time for me and the always effervescent Martin Cooper to sprinkle fairy dust in your eyes instead and bring you a Breakfast Show that sizzles and pops more than a Gourmet full English.

Amazing facts about Gaydio Friday Breakfast to enjoy right now.

Fridays are super fun, so tune in from 7am till 10 for the best in pop and dance music.

After 9am Tris from Gaystar News joins us with his three top LGBT stories from the week.

You will cheer, laugh and shout at us through the radio,

You will tweet and facebook us with your sexy song requests and cheeky comments.

We will beat Chris’s coffee making record and trounce Emma’s ability to divine where the fresh milk is hiding in the rather worrying Gaydio fridge.

Since yogalicious Emma is away, we will also be eating donuts. Lots of them. Like we’re on a stakeout in a Hollywood movie.

Join us, we’ll make your journey into work – and your morning – fly by. Can’t wait to entertain you.