More about MASSEY AND PAULETTE ‘Sheroes’ (our #AAside EP)

Here’s a little taste of the flip side of our acid house squelch and disco experience. ‘Violins And Things’ is dedicated to The Koffee Pot, to a shimmery sunglasses wearing Sebastian Manox, to soaring strings, to twisted acid disco, to walking backwards and pressing forwards, to Meat Free  T-Shirts, to Social Services signage and last but not least, all about love for Afield graphic shirtage. Created entirely in Manchester, this track has been made with love by Chris Massey and DJ Paulette for Black Riot Records – we will be posting a ‘to buy’ button soon … It does not self destruct – but you might spontaneously combust when you hear it 🙂 Enjoy. Share. Like. Comment. It’s all love.