With a higher budget than Michael Jackson’s Thriller and acting classes that far outshine The Godfather, the Sheroes video is here!

A huge musical salute & fist bump to all the ‘Sheroes’ mentioned here, an answer back and antidote to the female free zone aka Daft Punk’s ‘Teachers’ and a nod and hug to those that we love but couldn’t quite fit into the final master! You were not forgotten and you are all an inspiration…big love X

Please feel free to tag, name, share, blog, chart, push & help spread the acid house love!

Big thanks to the filming skills of Sebastian Manox, the wonderful, shiny, mirrorball-tastic helmets of Brett Dearden, wardrobe provisions by Paul Smith, Meat Free & Far Afield and to Neil Clarke at Clampdown Records & the staff at The Koffee Pot and The Refuge for allowing us to film X

Full EP out now on Black Riot Records and on promo at Traxsource: https://www.traxsource.com/…/975…/she…

Already roadtested on Reform Radio, MCR Live as well as at Supernature Disco and by Hifi Sean on the Glitterbox stage at Mighty Hoopla!