As a self-confessed, frustrated singer, karaoke hogger, lip syncing queen and lyric learner, I have been obsessed with voices from an early age and that obsession has never let up. I’m a total vocalizer – I love singing along with and trying to mimic great singers and songs. My mother was a famous jazz and cabaret singer in the North of England when I was born so that’s definitely where my obsession started. Then identifying the voices behind the hits before the presenter chimed in with the credit became a radio game to me as I grew up. I love picking out the voices I recognise as leads or on back up in an all-star line-up – anyone willing to take me on for ‘We Are The World’ or the ‘Human Being Band’ on Quincy Jones’ ‘Back on the Block’ better be good!. I am captivated by how voices change as people age – Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Michael and Janet, Beyonce– I think maturing on the global stage as a singer is something really special. Then there’s jazz, rock, disco, r n b, folk, house music, electronica and drum and bass and a whole battalion of artists with really distinctive voices that I just absolutely buzz off.

I’m looking forward to exploring the artists who found their voice as children / young artists in the industry – then using that voice as they matured to speak of love, life, politics, the world. I will showcase local accents and foreign language, scats, ad libs, acappellas, show tunes and cover versions. No matter whether you like soul, r n b, rare grooves, jazz, jacking house, funk and disco, deep house and techno – no problem – there’s something for everybody. Then there are girl groups, boy bands, song writing performers and collaborations, duos. The list and the themes are endless and ACCALIBERATION gives me a golden opportunity to dig deep into the voices inside my mind and my record collection. Each show will be themed, there will be no requests but I will celebrate special birthdays and I will also search out some newcomers and local talent for a journey into sound that shows you just how important and special the human voice truly is.

The show page is here: https://worldwidefm.net/show/dj-paulette-presents-accaliberation/

Join me in song this on Sunday May 31st from 5pm – 7pm. This month’s theme is ‘Deep House’ and I’m encouraging everyone to grab a mic or a hair brush and your favourite patch of home dance floor for two hours of total accaliberation. Hit http://www.worldwidefm.net or tune in via the Worldwide FM app – ‘Listen’. I’ll be waiting.