I have created a funky, eclectic playlist for my friends at Manchester’s Finest.

I work a lot of late nights into early mornings and early nights to any hour of the night or day I care to work to. This means that my sleep is at a premium and can happen at any time of the day or night depending on whether I need a nap or a full-on coma. The intensity of the alarm I use to wake me up, to get me out of bed and off to work (on my phone) is governed by the urgency of the wake-up – short sleep / early session – Ante UP! Early night, long sleep – Yaw ‘Where Would You Be’ or Solange ‘Cranes In The Sky’. I think you get the picture.

“So … If my selection of actual, tried and tested, ‘wake up guaranteed’ alarm calls doesn’t make you leap out of bed, shuffle on into the shower, star jump out of the shower, then glide into your clothes all the while dancing around your bedroom in your knickers and lip-synching into your hairbrush then you need defibrillating now. For real. These are the best wake up tunes ever. I know. I use them every week.”