The legendary music bible Straight No Chaser is 100.


What’s Straight No Chaser? Interplanetary sounds ancient to future. Covers all forms of black and electronic music including jazz n beats n global ryddims and photography and art. Covers by Swifty Typographics. Edited by Paul Bradshaw, Neil Spencer and Kathryn Willgress. It featured and broke / supported the careers of a cast of quite a few hundred artists.

Of the Chaser ethos Paul Bradshaw writes:

Straight No Chaser, … embraced a host of pioneering indie record labels, broadcasters, musicians, producers, DJs and style labels [and] has provided fertile ground for a new, global generation of singers, players and producers to emerge.

It was designer Neville Brody who asked me why don’t you just round off the number of Chaser-s to 100. I thought, “Nice idea!” Time to connect generations and also explore the potential of unleashing two decades of wonderful archive.

So, the plan [is] to do it as a limited edition, perfect bound, pantone colours, quality paper stock … global…. ancient to future… long reads + short reads… commissioned B&W photography and artworks… charts etc… and to do this we plan to assemble the Chaser familia 2017. Old faces, new faces… FRESH vibes.

Join us on the journey.

Paul Bradshaw
Straight No Chaser – Interplanetary Sounds : Ancient To Future

And here it is – with Thelonius Monk on the sleek and chic cover.


SNC100 should hit the shelves sometime in the first week of October but you can get it sent straight to your heart and door by ordering / buying your copy direct here:

I’ve ordered two. One for each ear (eye/hand/foot/wiggling boot-ay)

There are some words in there from me somewhere …