This is the moment when the veil is lifted.

Homebird: Edits 03 has a musical heart. This is part one of a six part series that is live on Spotify as of today and will stay live beyond the end of the exhibition. I will take things away and add them once the exhibition is finished so please join and share and enjoy the experience. Maybe you will hear something you recognise? Maybe it will spur a memory? Each playlist has been date checked, so historically everything should be in the right place.

It’s also a personal journey.

Part 1 centres on my childhood and the music I heard playing in our house, that I absorbed from my Mum, brother and sisters’ record collections, from the radio and TV. They’re the tracks I learned the lyrics to at a very young age, the voices I tried to emulate, the guitars I played in the air and the music I still love 51 years later. It’s alive and kicking.

Enjoy. Part 2 tomorrow …