This week The Guardian Fashion ran a cute feature written by Dino Bonačić and entitled: “Nightlife in quarantine: what club kids are wearing in lockdown”

Guardian feature intro

It contains a series of 10 short interviews and I am gassed to say that I am one of the club kids. Who knew?

Dino posed the question: “With club spaces closed worldwide, DJs, performers and other disco dwellers are faced with a new challenge – how do you keep the party going?”

Of  course when I am at home, self-isolating, I lie on the floor, rolling on the spiders on my yoga mat, balancing my chi for all to see. T Shirt by Northern Couture, leggings by H&M, foot, arm and smile model’s  own.  Hard taking a selfie when you’re doing yoga – you should try it sometime 😀

Follow the link for the full article featuring Honey Dijon, Princess Julia, Jonny Woo, Charlie Xile, Josh Quinton, Sigi Moonlight, Ashraff Ejjbair, Havana Meltdown, Emily Rose England and Susanne Bartsch.

Stay Home. Protect The NHS. Save Lives.