Welcome to my Livestream for the Glitterbox Virtual Festival 15/05/2020. Just so you don’t think I am completely looney tunes – here’s a few notes on the visual codes / symbols featured in my set up.

paulette glitterbox screenshot

Welcome To Manchester (aka the Rainy City). Manc bucket / rain hat @ZARA , pac-a-mac fabric with bees design The Manchester Shop – @mancunicorn . As for the Star? Sylvester sings – everybody is one. Bees are a symbol for Manchester. The T shirt hanging on door says ‘FEMINIST’. Ganesha bottom left – remover of obstacles and patron of the arts, sciences, intellect and wisdom: a bit of a spirit deity for artists, musicians, creatives like me. The mug that I’m ‘sipping my T’ from shows the #AnthonyHWilson (owner of the Hacienda RIP) quote ‘This is Manchester, we do things differently here’ (also bought from @mancunicorn and created by famed Manchester illustrator Stanley Chow @stan_chow ) . The print of Josephine Baker was bought in the Brocantes along the Seine in Paris, around 2005. I lived there from 2004 – 2013 and Josephine Baker is a constant life and obvious Parisian / French inspiration to me in so many ways.

The framed knickers are historic – photographed by #DanielNewman for @DJmag in 1993 atFlesh @Fac51hacienda 1st Birthday. I don’t own the metal bra but I made the knickers myself; I painstakingly sewed each sequin on. There’s 50m silver 25m red and I had to unpick the entire garment once as I sewed them too tight, couldn’t get my legs in them and the shop had run out of sequins. These knickers were also featured in my #Homebird exhibition @The_Lowry Sept 2018.

Donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund: https://defect.click/WHO-COVID19-DONATE
1. Aretha Franklin / Clivilles & Cole – (Pride) A Deeper Love
2. Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles Classic Mix)
3. Jamiroquai – Emergency on Planet Earth (London Rican mix)
4. Childish Gambino – This is America (Louie Vega / Kenny Dope / Todd Terry Remix)
5. Duck Sauce – Smiley Face
6. Waze & Odyssey – Always
7. Mat.Joe – Dancin Dancin Dancin
8. Fisher – Wanna Go Dancin
9. Sharam Jey & Andruss – Rise In My Soul
10. Eli Brown & Mason Maynard – Do You Feel Alright
11. Green Velvet & Mihalis Safras – Speak To Me
12. Gabe & Tough Art – Joker
13. Green Velvet & Joeski – Barbee
14. Dimitri Saidi & Sinner & James – El Ritmo Va
15. Fisher – Freaks
16. Claude Von Stroke Feat. Barry Drift – I’m Solo