The subject of pay parity and gender inclusion / exclusion is the hot topic in the dj world at the moment and I was depressed to see the exact thing that is being criticised, filtering into my friends’ mindsets and private parties. Of course I did not go quietly into that email void at all. I was so annoyed about it that I posted┬áthis on my Facebook page. The language may be too vulgar for some but I think it puts my thoughts across perfectly. Forgive me for thinking that this is 2018 and not 1918. And thanks Elie for speaking up for women everywhere. #hearher #hearhear #suffragette100 #sheroes

I will be the guest who’s┬áchained to the railings, wearing my suffragette sash and shouting ‘Votes For Women’ whilst balancing a cocktail in one hand and my headphones and usb sticks in the other. The personal is political and even moreso in 2018.