Ah March and International Women’s Day, those heady days of total freedom before Coronavirus (BC) – seems like a lifetime away doesn’t it? Anyway, for my last ‘Live In┬áStudio’ show before the World got quarantined I was honoured to welcome the super talented, multi instrumentalist, dj, singer, producer and personification of zen – Pops Roberts to take the command of the controls. We chatted a lot, played some of the tracks that have influenced her and she did a mini mix that ran the gamut from soul to funk to broken beats. Despite a humility and softness sometimes overpowered by the quiet then intense storm of Kamasi Washington’s ‘Truth’ we covered some hot topics and created an eclectic, fun and funky little show. I mix live and crank it up with the house and tech for the second hour as you know I love to do. I have a strange nostalgia for this show already. Hope you enjoy it. Show us some love in the comments and feel free to repost and share the love of great music. Next show is on April 9th with Black Girl / White Girl in the mix. It’s going to be raw and guerilla … I’m #WFH

Stay safe. Save lives. Stay connected.

P x