A funny thing happened on my way through Deansgate the other week. I met up with the legendary Clint Boon for a natter about life, the world and the music universe for the prestigious Humans Of XS Manchester podcast. It went live today – Monday September 2nd, 2019 from 12 noon and can be found on @itunes @spotify and @acaststories
Check it out at the links below.

I am buzzed to be a part of this illustrious podcast series which has already welcomed @graemepark@massonix808 @rowetta @sacha_lord@mayorofgm amongst many others. I could have chatted for hours – for your benefit there is less than one … It’s a 45 minute, shower and shave / breakfast / lunch time / drive time / bed time story … Thanks to Nat @Natalie eer1 and Clint @the_real_b00n for a session that passed in a twitch of my whiskers.