The leaves are fast falling, the heating is on and everyone is in full duvet – +1, Iplayer / Netflix / Amazon Prime bingernation mode. Yet hark? Who discos there? I hear twigs snap underfoot and a crisp, rustling of fresh dance floors deep in the City Centre forest …

Join me in my room of me on Friday October 19th in the Pink Room at YES for Paulette Makes You Move. It’s a five hour marathon of house, techno and anything else that takes my fancy. It’s free in all night, doors open at 11pm and they will kick us out at 4am. Naughty.

paulette makes you move

Set phasers to stun and hop in your tardis, Massey and Paulette Project will be in the house to celebrate Supernature’s 3rd birthday at Underdog on Sunday October 28th. Expect our usual back to back house and eclectic high jinks. It’s a day time session – doors open at 3pm – Massey and Paulette take control from 7pm – 9pm. Note to self – record Dr Who and follow the footsteps to the after party.

supernature 3rd birthday

And finally we’ll be lounging and loafing around here …


It’s an intimate, laidback, lush lounge and living room affair for Albert Schloss’s new Monday nighter ‘Back To Mein’. Guests so far have been Andrew Weatherall, Dave Haslam and Out of The Quiet / Regal Disco. Roll up, roll up and pull up a pew, Monday October 29th is a Massey and Paulette Project special.

Expect tuxedos and evening dress and us playing through the hallowed sections of our personal record collections. Sounds from Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder will be served with smooth cocktails whilst Scritti Politti, Hitlist and Cabaret Voltaire will be slipping you a mickey.

Unlike a raucous Saturday night of rampant partying and spirit guzzling, Back To Mein Monday evenings are suited to slow sipping and good, fine sounds. Any true gentleman or lady of leisure will surely agree that such an evening of curated artistry ought to deserve a liquor to match its standard. Thus, our boozy aficionados have curated a specialist Negroni menu for you to sup every Monday, at just £5 a drink all night. Splendid!