This season I am mostly wearing my Gallery Interruptor hat with pride.

My #Homebird: Edit 03 #exhibition just made the cover of The Lowry #Autumn18 #brochure. Thank you to all my contributors – near and far – you know who you are. September 22 – October 14th is going to be mental … The exhibition is not just a dj retrospective, it tells the tale of growing up in post-Windrush Britain and travelling around the world, working in male dominated industries and sometimes making a success of it. It is an immersive experience with supporting talks throughout the run. Keep your eyes on the press for details. Please reserve the date for the opening … and tell your friends. Entry is free, donations are voluntary. #art #thisismcr #mancmade #music


Lowry Booklet Autumn 18 cover

Lowry Booklet Autumn 18 Exhibition Publicity RT8