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February 2014



Grounding or zero? Around this time last year I had three gardening face - offs 1) Jimson Weed 2) the wall climbing ivy 2) a giant vibrant violet thistle: all glorious weeds in real life that were each taking over a different aspect of the garden and morphing from beautiful, unusual delights into virulent, rampant and destructive blights. What had…
February 28, 2014

Spirit of Avalon

I am obsessed with horses - they are my spirit animal of sorts since I am a proud firehorse as my chinese astrological self. When I received this through @Soul Harmony on Demand's blog I thought it was so beautiful that I immediately reblogged it. It embodies everything about this coming Year of The Horse and in fact, being a…
February 11, 2014


Why don't people say 'thank you' as much as they say 'sorry'? Is it because they feel more comfortable making excuses or apologising for something rather than being grateful and / or expressing gratitude? We say 'sorry' when we make simple mistakes, or step through a door at the same time as someone else, or if we talk over friends…
February 9, 2014

About learning, memories and writing.

a typographocal image that says a lot about me I have always loved words and the look of them on the page. I learned to speak, read and write very early on in life.My earliest memories involve singing, dancing, doing shows for my family and holding court whilst standing on a snooker table but the day I learned to join…
February 6, 2014