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Welcome to HOMEBIRD 4 – the decade is 1996 – 2006. These are my London Mercury / Talkin Loud / Azuli Records / Defected Records / Diesel and Diesel U:Music and Notting Hill Carnival / Miami Winter Music Conference / Billboard years. I think I went clubbing in London four nights a week and I still got into work on time the next morning. I dj’ed internationally when time allowed and I a&r / spotted then signed Afro Medusa Pasilda. I was also responsible for the press campaign that took Roni Size and Reprazent to the Mercury Music Prize and The Brits.

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HOMEBIRD 1 : EDITS 03 – 1966 – 1976 (SPOTIFY)

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DJ Paulette – Homebird: Edits 03 has a musical heart. This is part one of a six part series that you will find at the centre of the maze. It is live on Spotify as of today and will continue to live when the exhibition is finished. Maybe you will hear something you recognise? Maybe it will spur a memory? Each playlist has been date checked, so historically everything should be in the right place. Exhibition launches at The Lowry on Saturday September 22 and runs until October 14th.

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Here’s ‘Homecoming’ a short film supporting my cover feature by Matt T and Intern Magazine in association with Ace and Tate. I talk about music, family, fashion and Manchester. Promoting the launch party at the new Ace and Tate store in Manchester (02/08/2018) and the arrival of the new issue (limited edition run) of Intern magazine. Quick watch. Big heart. Proper read. Loads of love.

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“The first time I went to the Number One in 1991, the main queer club in Manchester, Prince’s “Get Off” was in the charts. I hadn’t been going out as much because I’d just got married and was always in the studio with my husband. When they played that track, something unleashed in me. I was up on the podium and went around the club doing a full Prince routine. It was like I just remembered who I was. The boss saw me and asked me to dance there three nights a week, which I did for few years. I was absolutely ripped back then.” • To call @dj_paulette1 a club culture legend is a great understatement. When Hacienda’s seminal gay night Flesh came about in ‘91, Paulette, a regular, who once pretended to be a journalist to get in for free, got offered a regular five hour dj set for a sweet fee of £30. Only problem is that she’d never touched decks before and had to listen out to pointers from the Sound Engineer, before she worked it out for herself. Her best Flesh memory? “There was sweat down the wall and the floor was a skating rink, covered with bodily fluids. People were swinging up the rafters. It was off the scale hedonism.” • Paulette moved to London in 1994 for her residency at Heaven and a job at Mercury Records, before taking her djing career to Paris and Ibiza. She returned to Manchester three years ago and now, when she’s not gracing the decks of the @rexclub, Glasgow’s Weirdo Warehouse and @Homoelectric, she’s working in radio and community outreach. She says the city’s alternative queer scene isn’t nostalgic, “but looks at the past to create the future. There was a rest period and now it’s come back to itself. What makes the scene special is that it’s not mega branded, or ageist and superficial - it’s for everyone.” • #BRWorldwideDance #BRFleshback #Paulette #Manchester #Hacienda

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Boiler Room post on Instagram today for #brworldwideDance – thanks to Daniel Newman, Peter J Walsh and Lauren Jo Kelly for the pictures and Anaïs Brémond (Boiler Room) for the words and the feature.

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I write poems, lyrics and songs. In poems my preferred format is haiku (yeah yeah short, yeah yeah lazy whatever) but I was moved to write a longer piece for a spoken word performance in a large group when I had a presentation for a job (which I eventually never used but I got the job and I will tell you about it in another post soon). This is my newest baby – it’s called ‘I Am The One’ and I am super proud of it.

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If my selection of actual, tried and tested, ‘wake up guaranteed’ alarm calls doesn’t make you leap out of bed, into the shower, leap out of the shower, into your clothes whilst dancing around your bedroom in your knickers and lip-synching into your hairbrush then you need defibrillating now. For real. These are the best wake up tunes ever. I know. I use them every week.”

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The Rex Club could not resist rending homage to this Manchester scene and welcomes Dave Haslam and Mike Pickering two of the principal figures in the Manchester and in fact the UK house music scene – and along with DJ Paulette welcomes three of the residents of the mythical club where Laurent Garnier made his first moves as a DJ.

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Here is the very wonderful and very cheeky and all too short debut guest show that I produced, curated and presented for MCR:Live on International Women’s Day. It was a crazy, full throttle session involving juxtaposing some new stuff, some old stuff, some classics and some downright curve balls in one steady ( as it could be shifting from live arrangements to digital?) continuous mix with a bit of chat and all in an unfamiliar studio environment

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Int Women Day Insta


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As you know it is 100 years since (some) women (ie the ones who OWNED their own properties and had their names on the title deeds) got the vote so this year’s International Women’s Day is coming at you full force. Now it’s time to OWN our womanhood and our EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS and be courageous when making our voices heard. It’s time to roar. It’s time to come into our power and this week in Manchester there are plenty of opportunities to be inspired, to share and to do just that.

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I am massively excited to appear as the very special guest at Supernature on Sunday’s February party. This Sunday (25/02/18), the residents BB, Richie V and James the Cat are stepping in for an absent Rob Jones and I’ll be hoofing it straight from my Sunday Service at Schloss to close the proceedings with some disco, house and tech goodies in an hour of pure, unbridled mayhem.

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It’s 2018 – and we’ve already hit the ground running. In this year that celebrates and highlights the centenary of women’s suffrage, I am proud to be featured amongst the 25 STRONG portraits in the ‘Suffragette City’ exhibition that has been curated by media powerhouse and Manchester Digital Music Archive co-founder Alison Surtees and photographed by Elspeth Moore.

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